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How To Block Adware Popups

Suffering with annoying popups is disgusting. You are trying to work and you keep getting those annoying popups. Learn how to block adware popups and put this behind you to get on with your work. There are several things you can do to eliminate to block adware popups

It’s not necessary to be a techie to learn how to block adware popups. Take a tour of your system settings. If your computer is infected with spyware, it may be a little harder to solve.

Manual Settings On How To Block Adware Popups

  • Change System Settings

Click on start, then Control Panel, Internet Options Icon, click on the Privacy Tab. Look for a box next to Turn On Pop Up Blocker. Put a check in the box. Click OK. That is how to block adware popups

Once that is done, while in the privacy tab, you can adjust the level of your settings. Downloading the MSN and/or Google Toolbars will also give additional protection. Each toolbar will add an extra level of security to your internet browsing experience, when added to the web browser. Make these simple adjustments and you will be well on your way to avoiding how to block adware popups.

Adware Infestation

If your computer already is infected with adware, learning how to block adware popups may be too late to make the settings change in the computer system. If you’re not connected to the internet and still have popups coming up, you might have adware infestation.

Is Your Web Browser Hijacked?

If your web browser has been “hijacked”, you no longer have the same home page as it has been changed to a different webpage. There is a good chance your PC has been infected with Adware. To correct this problem you need to download and scan your computer with an anti-adware program, which will remove and fix the adware or spyware problem. See also how to get rid of spyware

Remove Programs

Remove programs on your computer that are unfamiliar. They may have been downloaded accidentally and could have programs inside them to cause havoc on your computer. Click on start, then control panel, then add or remove programs. Select the unfamiliar program you are not using and click uninstall. Make sure it is a program you no longer need. Removing any adware from your computer should solve your popup problems. Don’t forget to restart your computer to complete the uninstall.

By Larry Hoezee